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Ahogy egyre több, napenergiával és szélenergiával termelt áram kerül a hálózatba, egyre nehezebbé és költségesebbé válik a hálózat stabilitásának megőrzése. A közbülső energiatárolás ezért olyan lényeges eszközzé válik, amivel a hálózat energia-ingadozásait kezelhető határok között lehet tartani. Ezen kívül a saját fogyasztást növelő házi energiatároló rendszer pénzügyileg napról napra életképesebb lesz, mivel a betáplálási tarifák csökkennek. A közbülső energiatárolás növeli a megtermelt nap- és/vagy szélenergia saját fogyasztását. A természetes következő lépés a 100 %-os saját fogyasztás és hálózatfüggetlenség.

Msol GmbH – A PV, Energy Storage & UPS project

It’s great to hear from Victron Energy customers, be they end users, dealers or indeed budding dealers and installers. Here’s a case in point. Bernhard Matschinger got in touch with me lauding Victron’s products, which initially led him to build his own PV, Energy Storage UPS system and ultimately his own company – Msol GmbH. […]

Wiring Unlimited

Wiring Unlimited is now available! Download it for free here: Wiring-Unlimited-EN.pdf What is Wiring Unlimited? A Victron Energy book by Margreet Leeftink, Information Developer for Victron Energy B.V. Wiring Unlimited is all about electrical wiring of systems containing batteries, inverters, chargers and inverter/chargers – and going by the testaments on the Victron Community, an invaluable […]

Three-Phase, Grid-tied, Energy Storage System …Czech it out

Helped by a generous state subsidy, Czech used-truck dealer Dvorák Trucks have been able to dramatically increase self-consumption from their PV array, and provide themselves with greater three-phase energy security. This very tidy installation was designed by Asolar in association with the Czech and Slovak Victron distributor Neosolar Dvorák Truck – Servis s.r.o.  – who buy […]

MY-PV Water and space heating

Austrian based MY-PV have developed a range of AC and DC products to store surplus PV energy which would otherwise go to waste. Last December Lucian Popescu – Victron sales manager for Eastern Europe – suggested MY-PV  make their product compatible with ours for incorporation into off-grid and energy storage systems (ESS). That’s now fully-functioning […]

Power in Paradise

To say that Fiji is close to New Zealand is a bit like saying that Scotland is close to Spain – such is the scale of the Pacific Ocean. But at 18 degrees South, seven or eight hours of sunshine per day is typical throughout the year – making Solar energy an obvious choice  for […]